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Reid Flair, the 25-year-old son of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, died Friday, is reporting. Details surrounding his death are unknown at this time.

Flair’s agent, Melinda Morris Zanoni, released the following statement: “We are heartbroken to confirm that Ric’s son, Reid, has passed away today March 29, 2013 in Charlotte, NC. The investigation into the cause of death is ongoing. Reid was an incredible son, brother, friend, and professional wrestler. No words can describe the grief that Ric and his family are experiencing and they do request privacy during this devastating time.”

According to, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police received a call around 10:30 a.m. ET that a man was unresponsive in a hotel room. Police identified the man as Reid Flair. Foul play is not suspected at this time.

Reid Flair had been wrestling in Japan occasionally for the last year to improve his skills in the ring. He was in the U.S. and scheduled to tour with his father this weekend.

He was expected to be signed by WWE at some point in the future, as his father has recently rejoined the company.

Reaction by the pro wrestling community on Twitter was immediate.

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George Sanders

An 86-year-old man who carried out a mercy killing by shooting his ailing wife in the head was sentenced to probation on Friday after an emotional hearing where family members tearfully spoke on his behalf.


George Sanders could have faced more than 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. The judge opted for probation.


The World War II veteran told authorities his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1969, and the couple moved from Washington state to the retirement community of Sun City outside Phoenix in the 1970s for the warm, dry climate.


Virginia Sanders, 81, had been diagnosed with gangrene on her foot just a few days before the shooting.


In a videotaped confession, Sanders said his wife begged him to kill her. Wrapped in a blanket as he sat being questioned by a detective, Sanders appeared frail and tired in the hours after he shot his wife in the head.


“She never wanted to outlive me and be left at the mercy of someone else,” he said.


“We loved each other so much,” Sanders said. “It was a wonderful life in spite of all the hard things we had at the end.”


Sanders was initially charged with first-degree murder for the Nov. 9 shooting but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter in what attorneys on both sides have called a “mercy killing.”


“We did a lot of things together, always loved each other,” he told the detective, adding that her health began to deteriorate over the last few years. “I took care of her through that day and night,” Sanders said.


Eventually, as his own health deteriorated, he said the couple hired a caregiver. He said his wife had been diagnosed with gangrene on her foot just a few days before the shooting and was set to be admitted to a hospital, then a nursing home.


“It was just the last straw,” Sanders said. “She didn’t want to go to that hospital … start cutting her toes off.”


He said he talked it over with his wife and she begged him to kill her.


“I said, `I can’t do it honey,”‘ he told police. “She says, `Yes you can.”‘


Sanders said he got his revolver and wrapped a towel around it so the bullet wouldn’t go into the kitchen.


“She says, `Is this going to hurt,’ and I said, `You won’t feel a thing,”‘ he said.


“She was saying, `Do it. Do it. Do it.’ And I just let it go,” Sanders added.


He sat in the room at the sheriff’s office for about five hours as his wife was hospitalized. The bullet didn’t kill her. She died a few days later. After several hours, the detective came back in.


“Virginia was at this present moment currently still alive but not expected to make it. She’s not expected to live,” the detective told him.


Sanders appeared distraught.


“I think of her laying in her bed and it haunts me. I’ve taken care of her all these years and to think of somebody else doing it that really doesn’t care,” he said. “Terrible.”


A few minutes later, a deputy came into the room and handcuffed him, then led him out the door to be fingerprinted.


“I sit here and I don’t know how I could have done that,” Sanders said. “It seemed to make sense at the time.”

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Claudio Lippi ( Milan , 3 June 1945 ) is a singer , record producer and television host Italian .

“”””Allegri: “Una vittoria per Claudio Lippi. Balotelli sta maturando”

di Marco Vailati


Una grande prestazione da dedicare a Claudio Lippi, il giornalista rossonero di Milan Channel scomparso tragicamente in settimana in un incidente in moto. Questo è quello che vuole Massimiliano Allegri e così Massimiliano Allegri ha aperto la conferenza stampa pre ChievoMilan. “Ci aspetta una partita molto difficile, il Chievo sta giocando bene ed è in ottima condizione – ha affermato il tecnico toscano riferendosi alla partita in programma domani alle 18,30 a Verona -. Ci sarà da lottare fino alla fine, ci sarà da soffrire. Il Chievo ha una retroguardia solida, in avanti ha qualità per dare fastidio – ha proseguito Allegri -. Dovremo essere bravi a tenere il ritmo dei nostri avversari e dovremo far valere le nostre qualità tecniche e sarà importante non concedere il contropiede, che il Chievo sviluppa molto bene”.

Chievo-Milan è una gara insidiosa per i rossoneri, i quali tuttavia stanno andando forte e, dopo un inizio di stagione molto negativo, hanno riagganciato saldamente la zona Champions, ma Allegri non abbassa la guardia: “In questo momento siamo al terzo posto – ha commentato l’allenatore rossonero -, per mantenerlo bisogna puntare al secondo. Se abbiamo un approccio diverso, troppo conservativo, rischiamo di tenere un atteggiamento eccessivamente difensivo”. E per conquistare un posto nella più prestigiosa competizione europea è stato e sarà fondamentale Balotelli, reduce da tre gol e prestazioni da protagonista con la Nazionale. Super Mario, inoltre, sembra maturato molto soprattutto sotto l’aspetto caratteriale e Allegri non è preoccupato dal fatto che nella stagione 2008/2009, quando indossava la maglia dell’Inter, Balotelli a fine partita proprio in casa del Chievo pronunciò parole molto polemiche verso il pubblico veronese: “Credo stia migliorando sotto questo aspetto – le parole di Allegri sul carattere caldo di Super Mario Balotelli -, non ha avuto reazioni e non deve averle. Con l’indifferenza deve riuscire a zittire quelli che eventualmente saranno degli episodi brutti, che fino a questo momento ci sono stati sui campi di calcio e che piano piano vanno eliminati migliorando la cultura sportiva e l’educazione. Domani giocherà sereno e tranquillo, non deve innervosirsi”. Qualche assente, domani per il Milan, e ancora qualche dubbio per Allegri: “Zapata non l’ho convocato per via del fuso orario e poi ha perso un po’ di allenamenti – le spiegazioni dell’allenatore ex Cagliari -. Boateng ha preso un colpo a Palermo e a Firenze sarà sicuramente a disposizione, così come Pazzini. Constant ha una sindrome influenzale, mentre a centrocampo devo ancora decidere chi far giocare”.””””

Translated Into English—

Allegri: “A victory for Claudio Lippi.Balotelli is maturing “


A great performance to devote to Claudio Lippi, journalist AC Milan Milan Channel died tragically in a week in a motorcycle accident. This is what he wants Massimiliano Allegri Massimiliano Allegri and so opened the press conference pre Chievo – Milan . “We expect a very difficult game, Chievo is playing well and is in excellent condition – said the technician Tuscan referring to the game tomorrow at 18.30 in Verona -. We will have to fight until the end, we will have to suffer. Chievo have a solid rear, forward it to annoy quality – continued Allegri -. We have to be good at keeping the pace of our opponents and we rely on our technical qualities and it is important not to allow the counterattack, that Chievo develops very well. ”

Chievo-Milan is a tricky race for the Rossoneri, but these are going strong, and after a very bad start to the season, they hung up firmly the Champions League places, but Allegri does not lower his guard: “Right now we’re in third place – said the Milan coach – to keep it you have to point to the second. If we have a different approach, too conservative, we may keep an excessively defensive posture. ” And to win a place in the most prestigious European competition has been and will be a key Balotelli, back from three goals and performance leading the national team.Super Mario also seems matured a lot especially from the character and Allegri is not worried by the fact that in the 2008/2009 season, when he wore the shirt of Inter, Balotelli after the game right away to Chievo spoke words to much controversy the public from Verona: “I think he’s improving in this respect – the words of Allegri on the warm character of Super Mario Balotelli -, had no reactions and should not have them. With indifference must be able to silence those who may be ugly incidents, which up to this time there were on the football field and that will gradually be eliminated by improving the sports culture and education.Tomorrow will play calm and peaceful, must not get nervous. ” Some absent tomorrow for Milan, and still some doubt Allegri: “Zapata I have not called because of the time zone and then lost a little ‘training – explanations of coach former Cagliari -. Boateng has taken a hit in Palermo and Florence will surely be available, as well as Pazzini. Constant flu syndrome, while in midfield I have yet to decide who to play. ”


Lippi began his career as a singer in the early sixties , as a solo first and then with the group The Crusaders. In this period accounts for theBluebell some 45 laps , including what matter and there is someone for everyone. Join theater tour with Memo Remigi and appears in some of the first television programs hosted by Mike Bongiorno (in 1963 in the exhibition of dreams ) and Pippo Baudo ( Settevoci ), again as a singer or guest brilliant. Then participating as a competitor to A drive for summer 1968 .

During a brief business venture, with the creation of the label ” Disco Blue “with his brother Franco Lippi , founded the musical group The patrol blue , which is also part of Massimo Boldi . In 1972 lands to the radio , leading some programs for RAI , including the Music In. in 1974 made ​​the transition to television , where he leads the first children’s programs (Air and open Giocagiò ), then the variety do you do, Rivediamoli together for a summer evening and Arabian light , and it is the male lead in the tv series the operetta ” No, no, Nanette “along with Elisabetta Viviani .

In 1973 appears in musicarello cries … the phone . In 1975 worked as a voice actor on the animated television series Barbapapa , giving voice to all the male characters. Together with Roberta Flack and Orietta Berti also sings the famous opening theme: “Here come the Barbapapa”. In1978 works for TeleMilano , the future Channel 5 , in a one man show, tailor-made for him by the Silvio Berlusconi , Sprolippio.

In 1980 RaiUno transmits the first quiz in early evening titled Seven and a half the episodes of the quiz are led by Raimondo Vianello for the first half, while the second half see it as their conductor Claudio Lippi, who will have the chance to recur the general public. In 1984 the RAI officially leaves to go to Fininvest , for which he created the quiz Tuttinfamiglia ( 1984 ) and The Good country ( 1985 ). In the years between 1988 and 1990 makes brief return in RAI to conduct Games without frontiers . On 1 October of 1990 , with the departure of Conrad , is that he chose to present the quiz noon on Channel 5 , Lunch is served : as early as 1985 Lippi was called by Corrado for a short replacement Buona Domenica .

In 1991 , again on Channel 5, presents the third edition of Bathing Beauties , and in 1992 even Beauties on the snow . In 1992 the Lunch comes a new valley, Luana Ravegnini , which Lippi will have a long relationship. In the spring of 1992, the management decided to extend the transmission as long summer : Lippi has tried and has health problems, so it becomes the victim of a swoon in the studio. In 1993 is driving a quiz, designed by Corrado, taken from the bullfight , entitled Yes or no? . After a period of personal crisis (in a divorce) and the break with the vertices Mediaset, works for Telemontecarlo , realizing what with the House Ravegnini.

In 1996 it is proposed almost casually for the role of conductor Never Say goal with Gialappa’s Band , the flagship program of Italy 1 . Lippi has the presence to Never Say Goals in a fight betweenTeo Teocoli and Gialappa’s: Following the defection of the showman, the trio is forced to find a replacement and recruits Lippi is aired improvising. The awkward to do (not entirely unintentional) makes it a perfect target for both the comic trio for the verve of Simona Ventura and remain in the program for several years with good success. In 1998 made ​​an appearance in Paparazzi ,Christmas movie of the pair Massimo Boldi – Christian De Sica , directed by Blacks Parenti , and in the same year leads to a short period Strip the News . In 1999 he ends his relationship with Luana Ravegnini (also often present in Never Say Goal).

Later, participates in the Good Friday of Maurizio Costanzo and Lorella Cuccarini , without taking part in the season 2002 / 2003 and collaborates with other products, such as very nice, you craft?, Road making and Channel 5 story. Work with Michelle Hunziker in variety Heels. In 2002 is engaged with the know the latest? , show primetime with Natalia Estrada , a program that both will be back in 2004 .

In 2003 , during a crisis with Mediaset, returns on Rai 2 , where he leads Eureka, and participates in Sunday in the historian concurrent program of Good Friday, the collaboration will however be short and Lippi returns to commercial television. October 28, 2006 announces loudly to leave the conduct of Good Friday, after only five episodes, due to differences with the authors, in particular, the project manager Cesare Lanza , and the vertices Mediaset. Lippi has explained that it did not share the new course of the program, led by Paola Perego , too addicted to vulgarity and trash, as specified by the Milanese conductor [1] .

On 12 July 2008 he received the “Grand Prix Coral city of Alghero”, during the Grand Gala of Sport and TV in 2008. One year after the period of inactivity television, since March 2009 , leading in the field of Dahlia Dahlia TV , and since September 2010 has a permanent presence in the programs Rai Uno The test of the cook and Se … at the home of Paola . The 22 June 2010 Claudio Lippi has revealed to be a distant relative of the former coach of the Italian national team, Marcello Lippi during the program Night World, broadcast on RAI 1 during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa .

The 30 December 2010 back on TV with the game show I love Italy on Rai 2 . On 7 February 2011 is host to Morning Five on Channel 5 . In September 2011 began the recordings for the construction of a new musical album, Fly is wonderful .

From 2 to 7 January 2012 and 7 and 10 March 2012 temporarily replaces Antonella Clerici in the conduct of the test of the cook , getting good ratings. In addition, the January 6th 2012 is sent tothe test of the cook – Special Lottery.

L ‘ 8 April 2012 the new album comes out on iTunes Flying is wonderful , arranged and produced by Francesco Digilio , a tribute to the great Domenico Modugno .

In spring 2012 is part of the jury of the music program in the early evening and What This Show on Rai 1 . On 9 and 16 May 2012 leads, with Elisa Isoardi , the new variety of Rai 1 point on you .The ‘ July 11 , a guest at Unomattina Coffee , performs with the master Francesco Digilio in God how I love you . Since autumn 2012 Lippi co-leads with Antonella Clerici every Saturday Proof of cook broadcast on Rai 1 . On November 6 and December 12 2012 temporarily replaces Antonella Clerici in the conduct of the test of the cook . On 30 November 2012 during the final of the program and What This Show is dedicating to Loretta Goggi a God how I love you , accompanied by pianist and arranger Francesco Digilio .





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