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The pair of retired T-38 jets, which are no longer airworthy, were loaded into the Guppy on March 18 at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, Calif.,and flown to El Paso. The jets’ parts will be cannibalized and used for other T-38s that are still flying.

The loading process, which took over two hours, involved opening the Guppy’s nose and hoisting the T-38s onto a specially designed pallet that was put into the Guppy’s 25-foot (7.6-meter) diameter “stomach” of the NASA Super Guppy aircraft. Only the T-38s’ wingtips needing to be removed so that the jets could fit inside the carrier, Johnson Space Center flight engineer David Elliott, the Guppy’s project manager, said in a statement.

The Super Guppy is the last in its class of wide-bodied aircraft to have transported NASA’s unwieldy cargo to their launch site, including rockets for the Apollo program and room-size modules for the International Space Station.