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amd and nvdia

an impressive showing by the most powerful technology company in the graphics segment. But not the only one. This week, AMD stepped up with a plan to convert one of its biggest weaknesses into a significant strength. On top of this, both companies are chasing the cloud opportunity, which could invalidate all traditional approaches to high-performance gaming along with bypassing most of the limitations.

Let’s explore the different strategies from AMD and Nvidia this week, and the impact of the growing focus on cloud gaming.

Nvidia’s mobile-hinged strategy

The most important part of Nvidia’s presentation was the announcement that the company would bring the Cuda processing platform from computers to tablets and smartphones by the end of 2015. This is currently the fastest growing gaming segment. If Nvidia gains a foothold for Cuda on mobile hardware with this move, developers will be able to cheaply and easily shuttle games between mobile and PC platforms. Building for Cuda would potentially give them huge economies of scale, providing the financial incentive to favor Nvidia over other platforms.

However, currently Nvidia, while a major player, doesn’t dominate mobile. Apple holds that position, thanks to the iPad. With targeted a 2015 release for Cuda in a market measured in 100s of millions, it could take years to reach critical mass. So to be successful, Nvidia will either need to get Apple, Samsung and Amazon on board, or substantially eclipse their products. No matter what, the gaming experience will need to be consistent enough across mobile devices to entice developers with the ability to develop once for many devices. (more…)