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The troubled starlet could just be kidding, but if she’s not, the timing isn’t great! Lohan faces a 90-day rehab stint in just a few weeks.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted on April Fools day "It's official. Pregnant"

Lindsay Lohan may just be pulling our legs with a tweet about being pregnant, but it sure shocked a few of her followers!

f Lindsay Lohan is trying to prank her followers, she might want to look into time zones. Long after the day of tomfoolery had ended (at least, on the East Coast), Lohan tweeted a message that had the jaws of scores of social networkers dropping.

“It’s official. Pregnant…” she wrote.Lohan, 26, only just started dating musician Avi Snow amid legal troubles and a looming 90-day lockdown rehabilitation stint, so if it isn’t a joke, it’s safe to say her baby news is nothing short of ill-timed.

With over 12,000 re-tweets of Lohan’s message, many people were certain the actress was pulling our legs.

“Nice try! #AprilFools” wrote one user.
“It’s still April 1st in California, whew!” wrote another.At least a few people were fooled and concerned.

“Heaven help us,” wrote another tweeter.

Chances are Lohan is just pulling our legs, but if so she isn’t the only one! Perhaps one of the oldest social media pranks in the book is when celebrities announce pregnancies, engagements and secret weddings.

“Jersey Shore” star Snooki also tweeted that she and fiance Jionni LaValle eloped, while “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham announced she’s adopting a baby boy.

Five members of a Southern California family — a man, his teenage daughter, and her aunt and two uncles — were killed early Saturday in southeastern Nevada when a drunk-driving suspect crashed into the back of their Chevy Astro van on Interstate 15, authorities said.

Loy Hixson of the Nevada Highway Patrol said 18-year-old Jean Soriano was driving a Dodge Durango on I-15 about 30 miles south of Mesquite around 3 a.m. when he struck the back of the Astro – which was carrying seven members of the same family.

The Astro spun around and overturned, ejecting five of the family members, Hixson said. He said the identities of the deceased had not been released but believes the family is from the Los Angeles area.

Hixson said the two survivors from the van included a 40-year-old mother and 15-year-old son, both of whom were in critical condition late Saturday.

Soriano and a 23-year-old passenger in the Durango also survived.

Hixson said authorities “had every reason to believe [Soriano] was under the influence while operating the vehicle” and that his blood was being tested. Beer bottles were found in his vehicle, Hixson said.


Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and James Inhofe, R-Okla., joined three other Republican senators threatening to filibuster any new restrictions on guns Thursday.

The two senators added their signatures to a letter previously signed by Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, vowing to protect the Second Amendment.

The letter, which was originally sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on March 22, outlines the senators’ intent to “oppose any legislation that infringe on the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms.”

In a statement released Thursday, Rubio said he will oppose any legislation that could be used as a vehicle to impose new restrictions on “responsible, law-abiding gun owners.”

“We should work to reduce tragic acts of violence by addressing violence at its source, including untreated mental illness, the lack of adequate information-sharing on mental health issues, and the breakdown of the family,” Rubio said.

Rubio and Inhofe joined the filibuster effort on the same day that President Obama urged Congress not to forget the heartbreak of the Newtown elementary school massacre and “get squishy” on tightened gun laws.

“Shame on us if we’ve forgotten,” Obama said at the White House, standing amid 21 mothers who have lost children to shootings. “I haven’t forgotten those kids.”

More than three months after 20 first-graders and six staffers were killed in Newtown, Conn., Obama urged the nation to pressure lawmakers to back what he called the best chance in over a decade to tame firearms violence.

Following Thursday’s White House event, Cruz accused the president of using the Newtown school shooting for political gain.

“It is saddening to see the president today, once again, try to take advantage of this tragic murder to promote an agenda that will do nothing to stop violent crime, but will undermine the constitutional rights of all law-abiding Americans,” Cruz said in a statement.

At the same time, gun control groups were staging a “Day to Demand Action” with more than 100 rallies and other events planned from Connecticut to California. This was on top of a $12 million TV ad campaign financed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that has been pressuring senators in 13 states to tighten background-check rules.