Self proclaimed CAR leader calls for exiles to return

Posted: April 1, 2013 by Ellion hossain in world
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Central African Republic’s new leader and self proclaimed president Michel Djotodia has proposed a three year transition period leading to elections in 2016.

Addressing a rally in the capital Bangui, the Seleka rebel chief who toppled President Francois Bozize on 24 March also said there would be no reprisals against supporters of the ousted president.

“I make a patriotic and brotherly appeal for our countrymen, who have chosen the path of exile, to return, “ Djotodia told the enthusiastic crowd.

Djotodia seized power after leading thousands of Seleka rebels into the capital, triggering days of looting and violence in one of Africa’s poorest nations.

Carla Haddad Mardini of the ICRC described a deteriorating situation:

“The hospitals in Bangui are completely overwhelmed. We have heard that the corridors are filled with patients. Our doctors on the ground say there is no running water in the city nor in the hospitals. Electricity is becoming scarce. Fuel is becoming limited.”

The take over has been condemned internationally with calls for the rebels to adhere to a power-sharing deal signed in January.

Assurances of there being no witch hunt appear meaningless as rebels have been patrolling the streets arresting suspected Bozize supporters.



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