Posted: March 31, 2013 by Rizwan Riyad in Entertainment, Music
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Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has been left without his travelling companion after German customs officials took his pet monkey into quarantine last week for not having the appropriate paperwork.

According to media reports the 19-year-old singer had flown into Germany with the capuchin monkey without correct documentation.

“We carried out a check on a traveller and in doing so discovered a live monkey,” Munich airport spokesman Thomas Meister said on Saturday. “The appropriate documents could not be produced so we were obliged to confiscate the monkey.

“There is still a possibility for the necessary document to be provided post the event. In that case the relevant authorities will reevaluate the situation. And then we will see if he will be able to get the animal back.”

Bieber had been in Munich for a concert last Thursday on the latest leg of his European tour. He left Munich for Vienna by bus, without the monkey.

“The animal was confiscated by us and has been found appropriate animal housing. The animal is doing very well,” Meister said.

Thursday’s antics are the latest in a series of odd incidents involving the teen singer, who has recently also been in the media for an altercation with his neighbour and for startling photographers and Polish airport officials by stripping off his shirt on a freezing evening as he walked through security to his private jet.

On March 8 Bieber was caught on film losing his temper with a paparazzo in London. The Canadian’s stay in the U.K. was further marred when he was booed by his beloved fans when he showed up late to a concert.

During another show at London’s 02 Arena the star struggled with his breathing and fainted backstage.

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