Subaru WRX Concept stuns

Posted: March 29, 2013 by Ellion hossain in Technology
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When enthusiasts think Subaru, they think WRX. It’s embodies everything our inner child desires: huge rear wing and giant hood scoop, a noise capable of collapsing buildings, and on-road/off-road capabilities ensuring you feel like rally champ Petter Solberg. The current WRX bears signs of age, and a revamped version is expected soon. Well, today, at the New York auto show, Subaru gave us a glimpse into the future look of the WRX. And it’s absolutely stunning.

Holding true to its roots, the enormous hood vent remains, but rather than protruding out of the hood glaringly, it now sits snug and aerodynamically within. The roof comprises of carbon fiber to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity. The inimitable, gaping WRX grille increases in size and presence, and the rear end oozes aggression mixed with a hint of love from the Subaru BRZ. Fluorescent yellow brake calipers ensure the wheels pop and that luminous glow accentuates the melon-sized quad tailpipes.

Some parts of the design will not make production, namely the tiny wing mirrors, “made-for-show” headlights and (likely) the carbon-fiber roof. But despite a few minor details, I see no reason why the next WRX won’t appear close.

We have no word yet on any engine details, other than it will be turbocharged, and the the interior remains a mystery. The concept sports BBS “RI-D” one-piece forged Duralumin wheels and 245/40ZR20 Dunlop tires. It also boasts a lower, sleeker and wider stance; surely producing improved aerodynamic efficiency.

While the reception might not have been as wild as yesterday’s shock arrival of the Camaro Z/28, the WRX Concept slides in a close second. This has the potential to create the best-looking, most intimidatingly brilliant WRX yet. I just wish we knew more of what lies beneath the skin.



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