Kim Kardashian Shares “First” Pregnancy Craving: In N Out Burgers and Cheese Fries

Posted: March 29, 2013 by Rizwan Riyad in Entertainment
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Kim Kardashian tells Us of her pregnancy cravings.

Kim Kardashian tells Us of her pregnancy cravings.

Kim Kardashian was so excited to experience her first real pregnancy craving that she had to commemorate the moment on Instgram and Twitter. According to March 27 report by Us Weekly, she enjoyed noshing on an In N Out burger and cheese fries.

Kim actually seemed a little disappointed recently when she revealed that her baby hasn’t made her crave junk food — instead she’s been chowing down on carrots and celery with ranch dressing. Kim has probably been feeling jealous of other celebritymommies like Jessica Simpson, who experienced some really crazy cravings. She enjoyed buttered pop tarts, Kraft mac and cheese with Lawry’s seasoning salt, and toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a chaser of salt. She would put the salt on her hand and lick it off like she was taking a tequila shot.

Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy craving wasn’t quite as strange, but it was just as caloric as Jess’ junk food treats. Here’s what she tweeted about it: “Damn!!! I spoke too soon! My 1st pregnancy craving! #InNOut #EnjoyingEveryBite.” She also shared an Instagram photo of a burger and cheese fries.

At least Kim isn’t letting the awful fat-shaming she’s been experiencing stop her from enjoying her pregnancy by indulging her fast food craving. Kim’s been accused of weighing 200 pounds and agonizing over her weight gain while trying to stick to a strict diet to avoid packing on the pounds. Weight gain is just a part of being pregnant, so it’s rather ridiculous that some tabloids are trying to turn Kim’s absolutely normal weight gain into something negative.

So if Kim ever gets a hankering for something crazy like a hamburger with banana slices and a side of chocolate chip cookie dough, she can stick it to her haters again by sharing her craving with the adoring “dolls” that look up to her.



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