iPhone 5S tip

Posted: March 29, 2013 by Ellion hossain in Technology
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If you’re seeing the reports today of a “confidential presentation” making a case for Foxconn creating the iPhone 5S in time for June 2013, you’ll know how vague leaks can get. What we’re seeing here is an information source that points us toward a launch of the next iPhone well within the bounds of predictability with Apple’s past launches and suggests a couple extra doozies we can just as easily dismiss as believe outright. The report seems to have been delivered to TechCrunch where their source says they’ve got information so specific, it’s like nothing a source of their caliber has had before.



The source, they say, is a manufacturer operating out of Shenzhen, China, and is likely set to release some iPhone-friendly accessories at the launch of the next model. What’s not entirely clear is how the information they possess seems to be so pinpointed. Where every launch of the iPhone (or any Apple product, for that matter), has accessory makers only getting Apple certification of products after the device they’ve revealed is shown to the public.

In this case, Apple is said to be working directly with Foxconn and this one manufacturer of products (again, likely accessories), to be revealed right as the iPhone 5S is revealed, launched as it is launched.

You can read this one of two ways. On one hand, we could be looking at a whole new age for Apple where they’ve become willing to work with manufacturers of devices and accessories that function with Apple-manufactured hardware at a level more extensive than basic Apple certification. On the other hand, it could all be bunk.

Have a peek at our iPhone 5S timeline below to see if this device rings a bell for you before it’s revealed later this year!



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