Ex-policewoman turned bikini model jailed for leaking info to John Ibrahim’s bouncer

Posted: March 29, 2013 by Rizwan Riyad in Uncategorized

“Gross breach of trust” .. Jenna-Lee Hughes, left, at court before sentencing.

A former Sydney policewoman who gave information from the police database to an employee of the Ibrahim family has been sentenced to at least 12 months’ jail, with a judge declaring her guilty of a “gross breach of trust”.

Jenna-Lee Hughes, who has been pursuing a career as a bikini model since leaving the force, cried in the dock as District Court Judge Mark Marien said she had been unremorseful for her “serious criminal conduct” and that “nothing less than full-time custody is appropriate”.

I was young, impressionable, stupid, and I wanted these boys to like me.

“The community is entitled to have trust in the police force and to feel safe in knowledge that police information will be used properly,” Judge Marien said.

Jailed ... former policewoman turned bikini model Jenna-Lee Hughes.

Jailed … former policewoman turned bikini model Jenna-Lee Hughes.

“There is a need to strongly deter this type of behavior.”

Hughes’ father declared the court “a pack of bastards” as his daughter was taken away.

The court heard that the 25-year-old had accessed the police database, known as COPS, on a number of occasions to help her boyfriends, one of whom was the personal bodyguard of Kings Cross nightclub doyen John Ibrahim.

On the first occasion, Hughes had accessed the database to assist a boyfriend after he and another man had stolen a car at Darlinghust, telling them about the police investigation into their crime.

Then, in April 2010, Hughes went into the COPS database at Surry Hills police station and repeatedly entered the name and car registration number of Alex Macris.

Mr Macris, from Mosman, is known to be a long-term rival of the Ibrahim brothers – Michael, Fadi and John – who have considerable business interests in the Kings Cross area.

The Ibrahims also reportedly blame Mr Macris’ brother, John Macris, for the 2009 shooting of Fadi Ibrahim, which nearly claimed his life.

Hughes says she undertook the illicit searches at the request of her boyfriend, Neil Cummins, who has worked as a bouncer for John Ibrahim.

“I was young, impressionable, stupid, and I wanted these boys to like me,” Hughes said.

She then attempted to cover up the search by placing a false intelligence report in the system.

The 25-year-old later lied to the Police Integrity Commission about what she had done, only to recant the evidence and plead guilty to two charges of misconduct as a police officer and two charges of lying to the commission.

“The fact that the offender would have been aware of the real possibility that some physical harm might befall Alex Macris or his brother as a result of her actions is a significant circumstance of aggravation on the charge of misconduct,” Judge Marien said.

The court has heard evidence that Hughes has long-term, serious psychological problems, including post traumatic stress disorder stemming from a troubled childhood, and that she has attempted self harm on a number of occasions.

Judge Marien said the 25-year-old should never have been allowed to join the police force, but acknowledged that she had engaged in “serious deception … perpetrated both on the academy and the psychiatrist who evaluated her” in order to do so.

The judge also rejected the argument that Hughes’ offending – including her lies to the commission and later to the court about her ignorance of the Ibrahim connection – were a function of her mental issues.

“Despite her mental health problems, the offender was acting with deception and planning in attempting to cover-up her misconduct,” Judge Marien said.

“I am of the view that the offender acted in full knowledge of what she was doing and the gravity of her actions.”

He sentenced Hughes to maximum of 18 months’ jail with a minimum non-parole period of 12 months.


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