Australian entertainer arrested in relation to Jimmy Savile child sex investigation – please visit us on

Posted: March 29, 2013 by Rizwan Riyad in Entertainment, News, world
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A PROMINENT Australian entertainer has been arrested by Scotland Yard detectives in London on suspicion of sexual offences.

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BBC presenter Sir Jimmy Savile

BBC presenter Sir Jimmy Savile

Metropolitan Police confirmed officers have arrested an 82-year-old man living in Berkshire.

He was arrested by detectives involved in Operation Yewtree – which is investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the UK.

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He was released about 11.30pm UK time after being questioned by detectives. His present location is unknown.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said he was released till a date in May, pending further inquiries.

The arrested man previously attended Lewisham police station, in South East London, by appointment on November 29 last year.

Officers had obtained a warrant to search his Berkshire home five days earlier.

Operation Yewtree was formed in the wake of revelations the now deceased television host and radio DJ Savile,  sexually abused and assaulted more than 400 people, mostly children, over five decades in hospitals, schools and BBC’s London studios.

It is believed the arrest of the 82-year-old is not directly related to Savile’s acts but other alleged sexual offences that had come to light during the overall investigation.

The man is one of 11 people arrested so far.

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Following the death of Savile in October 2011, hundreds of sex abuse allegations emerged .

Last month a London Metropolitan Police report said Savile had abused adults and children across the UK over more than five decades. The NSPCC said Savile, who was 84 when he died, had been one of the most prolific sex offenders in its 129-year history.

Operation Yewtree was set up in the wake of the Savile scandal. It has three strands:

1) Looking specifically at Savile’s actions;

2) Investigating allegations against “Savile and others”; and

3) Relating to alleged complaints against other people not connected to the Savile investigation

Today’s arrest is related to looking at complaints against people not connected to Savile.

High-profile names which have arisen in connection with the investigation are PR consultant Max Clifford, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and comedian Jim Davidson – who have all denied any wrongdoing.

Gary Glitter, 69, whose real name is Paul Gadd, who was also arrested, has not yet made a statement.


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