Eyeballs found in trash at gas station

Posted: March 28, 2013 by Ellion hossain in world
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A gas station seems like an odd place to dump eyeballs.
A gas station seems like an odd place to dump eyeballs.

The Kansas City Police Department is investigating a pair of eyeballs that were found in a box in the trash of a Conoco station at Northwest 112th Street and North Ambassador Drive in the Northland. The peepers were in a cardboard box labeled “Keep refrigerated” when they were discovered Wednesday night.The AP reports that KCPD spokesman Steve Young said the department is trying to determine if the eyes were human.

The only reported lead in the story is that the gas station’s security footage shows two men in a blue Toyota leaving the eyes. Adding to the strangeness of the story is that police say no area hospitals were expecting a delivery of eyes last night.

Young told The Star, “We are not sure whether a crime has been committed. We truly are not sure the eyes are even human.”

It’s the second time this year that Missouri has made national news with removed body parts. In January, a Kirksville man allegedly killed someone, severed the victim’s arms and threw them at neighbors as police arrived on the scene.



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