Justin Bieber investigated for assault following row with his neighbour

Posted: March 27, 2013 by Rizwan Riyad in Entertainment
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Controversy followed him throughout his European tour and it’s remained firmly with him now that he’s back in the States it seems; yesterday Justin Bieber was investigated by the authorities after he got into a nasty row with his neighbour in California.Justin Bieber


The LA police have confirmed that they interviewed the singer at his home after he got involved in an altercation with his neighbour which allegedly turned physical.


The row kicked off just hours after the star arrived back at his mansion and was confronted by the male neighbour who claimed that while the 19-year-old was away on tour, people were hosting wild parties at his abode.


‘The neighbour was furious about the noise’ said a source at the scene, adding that it was the neighbour not Justin who initiated the argument.


Bieber’s people have subsequently claimed that the man was thrown off the property without having any contact with the singer however the accuser has filed a complaint with the authorities alleging Justin assaulted him and made threats.


This wouldn’t be the first nasty bust-up Bieber has been involved in of late, while in London he was caught on camera having a particularly vicious row with the paparazzi.



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