Lindsay Lohan parties at nightclubs, with boyfriend Avi Snow….

Posted: March 26, 2013 by Rizwan Riyad in Entertainment
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kissing lohan

Lohan locked lips with rumored boyfriend Avi Snow on Saturday.

Lohan is apparently choosing to spend her days before entering rehab hitting the hot spots with her new flame.

“It doesn’t have to be locked like a correctional facility. It doesn’t have to be that hardcore. But it has to be a place where if she leaves, they notify us,” Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White told the Daily News.


“She has to follow the program and can’t leave the property,” White, a key prosecutor behind her plea deal, said. “If she leaves, it’s a violation.”

The actress was sentenced to the rehab along with 18 months of psychotherapy, 30 days of community service and two years probation after taking a surprise, no-jail plea deal last week and pleading no contest to lying to police and reckless driving.

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